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International Tourist Guide Day - celebrated in Australia

  • 27 Mar 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Melbourne - Sydney - Cairns - Darwin

Celebrated throughout Australia on Sunday 27 March 2022

an initiative of World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations

to support and promote professional tour guides

Tours led by professional tour guides (YOU?!)

COMING SOON - International Tour Guide Day Tours for Darwin . Sydney . Cairns


  • NOW is the time to sign up to be a Tour Guide or Host for International Tour Guide Day in Melbourne.

    Thank you to our wonderful guides who have signed up already!

    To assist with planning, please sign up HERE to lead Melbourne tours -

    A great opportunity

  • promote professional tour guides and the added value we bring to tour experiences
  • re-emerge and re-establish your work as a professional tour guide
  • for new tour guides … conduct a real tour!
  • share your city or region with locals and visitors
  • bring awareness to the challenges that tour guides have faced during COVID

  • What you can expect

  • Flexible itinerary – tour guides can plan their own tour route, itinerary and commentary
  • Small tour size – 10 guests per tour
  • Tours – 1-1.5hr duration

All tours start and finish at Fed Square

Three Tours Available

  • Here are the tours our guests will be able to book.  How you plan your route and deliver your tour within these general themes, is up to you!  You can share these links with friends, family and other contacts who may wish to join the tours.



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