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TELL US ABOUT CAIRNS - Wild Sex with Alan Gillanders

  • 7 Jun 2022
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join us for our second webinar in a series where we become more familiar with some unique features ofAustralia's diverse regions.

Tour Guides Australia continues our series of FREE webinars focusing on unique aspects and features in regions across Australia. Our upcoming webinar features CAIRNS and WILD SEX! Not to be missed!

Join us for an illustrated introduction to the breeding systems biology of some of the special vertebrates of the Wet Tropics with our expert presenter, Alan Gillanders.
There are lots of ways animals reproduce themselves. In some species lifelong bonds occur while in others the bonding is limited to an exchange of bodily fluids.

Alan has lived on the Atherton Tablelands since late 1976. His interest in natural history has been lifelong.  lan is a member of various professional bodies including Savannah Guides, was a national park volunteer 1994-2020, is active in local conservation organisations and his skills are utilised for training by government and independent bodies. In 2019 Savannah Guides recognised Alan’s special skills by awarding him the title of Senior Savannah Guide. Alan was presented with a Cassowary Award in 2011 for conservation and interpretation of the Wet Tropics.

The webinar will run for appx 50 mins and there will be time for Alan to answer questions posted through the Chat for the final 10 mins or so.


All registrants will receive the link to the ZOOM session 

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